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The Wedding Contract (2023)

The Wedding Contract (2023) Phimphika has everything until the day her parents die in a factory fire. Soon, she and her brother Rawi move in with their grandfather Ruj, their only remaining relative.

Every day, Pim secretly takes the sheep to graze on the grass at Saran’s farm. Saran owns an orange farm and has long been close with Grandpa Ruj. One day, Saran catches Pim and tries to advise her in cultivating her own grass. Irritated and having gotten off on the wrong foot, Pim wants nothing more to do with him.

In need of money and on the heels of fight with Saran, Rawi sells his land to influential orange farmer Thinnamai with the condition that he will give his sister to Thinnamai to repay his debt. Saran comes to the rescue by paying the debt and registering a marriage with Pim so they can get Thinnamai off her back. For the next year, the two will have to live together as husband and wife.

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