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My Dearest Part 2 (2023)

My Dearest Part 2 (2023) A love-story between a noblewoman and a mysterious man who shows up in her hometown set in the 1600s during the Qing invasion.

Yu Gil Chae is a pretty, bubbly, and a bit spoiled young lady who’s called the 99 tailed fox of Neunggun-ri. She is also a bit of an outcast because other young ladies are jealous of her. They seem to think she’s too straightforward and her behavior is inappropriate for a young lady, while young noblemen think highly of her. Gil Chae knows how to get men to fall for her but fails to capture the heart of the person she likes.

Lee Jang Hyun is a mysterious man who suddenly appears in the Neunggun-ri social scene. Nobody really knows anything about him. Young nobles don’t like him, but the elderly are wrapped around his finger. He’s been dating around a lot, but he becomes curious about a certain 99 tailed fox, and one day, the said fox quite literally crash lands into his arms.

Once war is brewing, the pair finds themselves separated before they could even start to make sense of their feelings.

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